Why am I getting a OL-220-A error with Bank of America direct connect

Last time I was able to connect was 4/24/20. Quicken says it is a bank problem and the bank says it is a Quicken problem. Help!!

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    Hello @hummelmh77

    Thank you for reaching out on the community and telling us about your issue. I have a couple of questions here. Are you using Express web connect or direct connect? I was taking a look at the previous tickets and saw a bit of troubleshooting was done but there wasn't a ton of information on the tickets. I believe you tried deactivating and reactivating but I'd like to confirm with you. I did see the you did try in a test file as well.  Are there any other details the bank gave in regards to the issue as well? I'll look find once we have a bit more info.


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  • hummelmh77
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    I am using direct connect. I am grandfathered in with direct connect as Bank of America no longer supports direct connect for new customers. I did not deactivate and reactivate since I did not want to lose my direct connect status. However, we did establish a new account (test) with the bank but it was web connect. That worked fine. I also ensured that all passwords were correct and tried to reset the account (that failed). Bank of America is still working the issue but preliminary feedback from them stated that the problem is on Quicken's end. I noticed that there have been numerous OL-220-A errors in the past with Bank of America (and other banks). How were these resolved?
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    That worked! Thank you so much.
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