Oppenheimer account password failing

Since the last week in May 2020 Quicken R26.23 fails to connect to Oppenheimer. The first error message was that Oppenheimer limits passwords to 12 characters. I was using a 15 character password for the past few years and that password worked for direct connections to my account at Oppenheimer. I changed the password to 12 character and Quicken still will not connect even though direct connects to Oppenheimer do work.

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  • Frankx
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    Hi @PaulDerby,

    Sorry to hear you are having issues connecting to your Oppenheimer account.  Whe you say " even though direct connects to Oppenheimer do work" I assume that means that you can access your account on the web, just not through Quicken - is tht correct?

    Are you getting any error codes when you try to connect/download - if so, what do they say?  Have you tried "resetting your account"?  To do that, take the following steps:

    1) Open te account in Quicken:
    2) Click on the Gear Icon in the upper right hand portion of the screen;
    3) Select "edit account details" and then select the "Online Services tab;
    4) Click on the "Reset Account" button and then enter your password;

    Let us know how this goes.


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  • PaulDerby
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    Yes, I can access my accounts through the web with no problem. Access through Quicken started failing around May 25. Resetting the account appears to work, but online connections fail. I reenter my password and repeatedly get a popup message from Quicken to enter my password for that account. I go to the password editing area in Quicken and manually enter my password and get the same error. Tried setting up a clean account for Oppenheimer and get a pop up failure saying it is a problem on Quicken's server side. See attached screen shots.

    All my other 25+ accounts work just fine. Only connections to Oppenheimer fail. Probably has to do with Oppenheimer moving a number of retirement accounts to Invesco. My two accounts at Oppenheimer are not part of the move.

    Looks like Quicken needs to sort out what to do on their end.
  • PaulDerby
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    I called Quicken Premium support and the agent walked me through the process of removing the electronic connection and adding and relinking the two accounts that I have with Oppenheimer. That solved the problem.
  • mfleahy
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    I just got off the phone with Quicken Premium support. As others have noted, there has been a problem with Oppenheimer/Invesco downloads stopping. I tried to disable and then re-enable an account with Invesco. When I entered "Invesco" in the search bar, it wanted to send me to www.misaves.com. Clearly not the correct website. When I pointed this out to the Quicken help person, he agreed that this was an error in Quicken.

    However, his "solution" was quite curious. He told me that I had to contact Invesco and tell them there was a download issue and that they had to contact Quicken to fix it. I had a couple questions for him. 1) Why was it my responsibility to initiate the fix to the problem, and 2) Why should Invesco take my word for this?

    On to the next level - his supervisor - I assume. She told me that Invesco has a department specifically for handling Direct Connect issues, so that once Invesco contacted Quicken, they would solve the problem. I asked her what would happen if I chose not to contact Invesco. She (reluctantly) agreed that the problem would not be solved, because the internal Quicken procedure does not allow anyone at Quicken to initiate contact with the financial institution, even if Quicken recognizes a problem.

    So, rather than solving a known problem by picking up the phone or using some secure communication with Invesco, Quicken would sit back until some Quicken/Invesco customer starts the ball rolling.

    I suggested that the internal Quicken procedure doesn't solve the problem. She said she had to follow the procedure. She agreed that I was correct that Quicken could not solve my problem UNTIL I called Invesco.

    And with that, the call ended.
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