Scotiabank Canada Auto Account Updates

I'm a newbie and am trying to set this up. It doesn't seem like Quicken (Mac Home and Biz) does auto account updates with my Scotiabank accounts. Is this correct??

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  • John_in_NC
    John_in_NC SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    Hi, Jamie:

    I see several Scotiabank listings, but don't have any accounts to test. But it does appear that this bank supports Quicken.

    Are you not seeing the listings, or do you get errors/no accounts found when you try?

    You did mention Home and Business. Do keep in mind that some banks will support Quicken for some account types (i.e. personal checking), but not business accounts. I don't know if that is your situation. Or, it might support Quicken, but you have to manually import a transaction file.
  • Jamie123
    Jamie123 Member
    Hi John,

    Thanks for your comments. Quicken sees all the bank accounts it's just that it seems the only way I can get the transactions into Quicken is with the manual import and that's such a pain. I've ensured that the settings are correct in Quicken as far as I can tell from support articles on setting this feature up.

    I've read that some banks don't support the feature so maybe I'm out of luck.

    Thanks again!
  • damizza82
    damizza82 Member
    Hi Jamie123, I had the same problem, I am new to quicken and I contacted quicken support via chat. They didn't really help me, told me to contact my bank. However, I discovered something that might help you, it helped me and now my quicken is working perfectly with scotia and I am receiving automated updates, no manual additions for me!

    when you go to add an account and you type in scotiabank you receive 4 results:

    Scotia bank url=


    Scotiabank Puerto Rico

    Scotiabank US Virgin Islands

    I'm not sure if you did what I did here, I chose the second option as it had the Canadian url. This was not working with auto update and I had to import my bank statement.

    I deleted my scotia accounts and I added my chequing again using the first option with the url, it then asked for my debit card number and password for online banking and my security questions, it set up both my checking and savings from scotia and now they update automatically. It's fantastic now.

    I hope this helps, maybe this is similar for you, let me know!
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