How to prevent Quicken from asking for User ID and Password

This was discussed in a similar post (I think it's closed already). I am also a beta tester for Quicken and I'm using the beta version. The beta forum pointed me to this forum. The issue that not only is it asking for my Quicken username and password after a few uses, but it just spins and spins and I'm forced to end Quicken. I've added the folders that were mentioned in the other post here but it still keeps doing that. Any suggestions?

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  • BK
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    Have you experienced this issue on your (non-beta) General Release version as well?
    Have you tried the “Sign out of all devices” method to see if that helps? Two ways to do that:
    - Directly from your Quicken program > Help menu > My Quicken Account
    - Using your browser go to > sign-in > my account

    Hope this works. Unfortunately I don’t know what you mean by: "I've added the folders that were mentioned in the other post here”
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    - I don't use Cloud Sync, Mobile & Web, Bill Pay/Mgr

  • Stephanus Surjaputra
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    Hi, BK. Thanks for replying. It never happened to me on the non-beta version.I can't even get Quicken to go in past the sign on screen, so I'll try going the browser method. Thanks.
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