Paycheck Splits are Missing from Account Register

I get paid monthly on the first and put in my gross pay, and categorize deductions appropriately (pre-tax, taxes, after-tax) and then a final amount to a savings account and the net to my checking account. For my Dec 2019 and my June 2020 paychecks, this split information has disappeared.

Deductions for these months to investment accounts, their registers show the transfer ias coming from my checking account. Deductions to other accounts (Savings and Health Flex Spending) are in their registers, but do not have a source for their transfer. For other items which are categorized, but are not transferred (taxes, insurance, transit, etc.) the amounts are missing where the original transaction was entered, but they show up in reports.

I'me very puzzled by this and am concerned about data accuracy. :o

Has anyone else experienced this? If so, were you able to find a solution? I'm currently on Quicken Premier 2020, Version R26.23 Build

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