Can the Auto Match function be disabled ?

Being forced to update from QM2007 to the Mac 2020 subscription model and the learning curve is steep. Is there a way to see specifically what was downloaded from the bank when
using Direct Connect ? The Account Status window just gives a count but not the specific transactions. I would prefer to see what came down as in QM2007, before the transaction is absorbed automagically.

If so, can I then just do a drag and drop to match up the downloaded transaction with the prior manual entry in the register ?

I don't trust the program enough at this point to be confident in it's actions and even with QM2007 it did not always make the correct choice.

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  • Valderi
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    Try this: Edit / Preferences / Downloaded transactions. Uncheck "Automacically add to banking register".
    I hope it helps you.
  • K. Smith
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    @RickO, FWIW, I went back half a dozen pages in this topic and did not see any comments. Also used the Quicken search function but nothing showed up, most likely I used the wrong terminology. After reading you comments, I eventually found numerous postings going back to a survey started by smayer97 in 2018 reflecting numerous individuals concerns with the transaction acceptance process.

    Myself coming off of QM2007, I'm 5 days into adapting, most likely your 10 + years in on the new platform so thank you for the information.
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