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So I believe I screwed up here. I set up all my credit cards within Quicken (along with my bank account), and sent a test payment (Quick pay) to my credit cards for $1. Everything worked out. The next day I went to Bills & Income > Bills and noticed the credit cards I sent a payment to said "paid" while some said "Transfer". Not knowing what that was, of course I clicked it. It then disappeared and made an entry in my debit account for ~$5,000 (full balance). Under Bill & Income > Payee, it showed my card to be paid $5,000 on Jun 19. 2020. So NOT what I wanted. The three dots next to it didn't have a Cancel Payment. I got in touch with Tech Support chat and he told me to use the three dots next to the card and select "Delete Series" then delete the transaction from my debit account.

This doesn't make me feel warm and fuzzy. Should I be expecting a $5,000 payment to be debited from my account on the 19th or is everything canceled? Remember, I clicked on the Transfer button (with a direct connection to the CC company (Chase)), but I didn't use Quick Pay.

Thanks for assisting.

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