Accessing Quicken without linking to banks and credit cards

I upgraded to Quicken rather than other products because I thought it offered a way for me to store data on my laptop, but access it online from another computer. Everything I try seems to start with me having to link to bank accounts and credit cards. Well, I don't want to download transactions or link to these accounts. Mostly, I just want my wife to be able to access Quicken from her computer and be able to see what I have on my laptop (but I also want to be able to access Quicken from my computer without having to login online). How can I give her online access with a minimum of exposure of our data?

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    As @Frankx stated, you don't have to connect your bank to your Quicken data for downloading transactions, if you don't want to or can't, for some reason.
    Please review this article for more details on how to add a Manual account to Quicken:

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    Just some other comments and clarifications -
    First... you can't really "access" your Quicken computer files from other computers without some "remote access' software.... this is not what Quicken is doing -
    You can select and tag specific Quicken Accounts within your Quicken desktop program that will be uploaded and shared to your Quicken Cloud -
    From there - you can access these shadow accounts from either any browser or the Quicken Mobile App -
    Bottom line - you have to setup things on your Quicken desktop program ---> share to the Quicken Cloud ---> access Quicken Cloud data from either a browser or the mobile App

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