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Hi, I'm a Windows Quicken user since ages. I own a mac, and I run Quicken for Windows on my mac using Parrallels Desktop. I'm ready to switch to Quicken for mac. It would be much more convenient. I can't do it because there is one Windows feature missing for me on the mac version: On windows version, Quicken has "File>File import>Import security prices from CSV file". I don't find it on quicken for Mac. The closest I founds on the mac version is "Window>Securities"/clic on a security/[Option][Import history from CSV file]. So it's one file per share. As I own many of them (more than 100 different ones), it's not convenient at all to update the price this way. With the Windows version, I need only one file to update all my shares prices. (It's easy to download them on many European websites on the quicken format). So my question: Is there a better option I didn't find on the mac version, or would it be possible to add this feature on a future version? Thank you very much for your help.


  • John_in_NC
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    Hi, Eric:

    No, there currently isn't a way to have a single file import multiple securities. You are not overlooking anything. You will have to do this individually for ones held privately or on foreign exchanges.

    I know you can use a prefix for the exchange for Canadian markets (TSE:xyz), but I don't believe that works for the European markets. Other people can chime in if I am incorrect.
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