Quicken is Creating Duplicate Payments. These are Actual Payments, Not Just Register Entries.

I'm one of the very first users of Quicken and my records go back to at least 1993. That's 27 years of continuous experience. Right now I'm using the very latest Quicken for Windows 2018 subscription service.

During the transition from Quicken Bill Pay (QBP/Metavante) to Quicken Bill Manager (QBM), QBM is using QBP until the transition is complete. I've started using QBM to schedule my repeating payments and it's creating duplicate payments with different check numbers for a single repeating online payment. To be clear, these are true duplicate payments, not just duplicate register entries.

This has already resulted in 2 completed payments this month for the same account. Another 2 are scheduled for next month and it has queued up 2 more to be scheduled for next month, which would total 4 for next month alone.

It seems I must approach this problem in stages:

(1) Learn how to delete payments from the QBP staging queue -- the one we see in the update status window when we do an update in Quicken.
(2) Delete duplicate payments that have already been scheduled. I can do this at the QBP site when I'm unable to do a regular update because of the increasingly frequent connection issues but must re-learn the wonky key combination needed to delete the corresponding duplicates from my Quicken register or from the list of repeating online payments in Quicken. Was it Shift-Alt-Delete?
(3) Prevent duplicate payments from being scheduled every time I schedule a new repeating online payment.

Any advice on any of these 3 resolution stages would be appreciated.

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