Displaying "Date Acquisiton" date in transaction ledger -- preferrably exportable

Hi, my USAA investment account transferred to Schwab. While setting up the new Schwab account was possible, the data that came from Schwab did not have the cost basis data provided by USAA. Positions were received with an acquisition date of 1/1/1900 and a costbasis of zero. Per call with Schwab today, reason was that the position dates were too old.

So instead of receiving full cost basis data from Schwab, I manually entered a "Transfer Shares" transaction in the old USAA account and selected "All Securities". This seemed to have mostly worked correctly. The one odd thing in the Transaction ledger is that the "Date Acquired" field, while visible in the individual transaction, is not available to include in the Transaction ledger view. That field just is not an option in the view customization.

The problem is that I want to be able to export the transaction ledger including the Date Acquired field for transfer and cost basis evidence reconciliation. Since the account data didn't seem to transfer 100% cleanly (and even if it did) I need to reconcile the two accounts thoroughly to make sure the data is correct.

Is there an alternate method to extract and export the Date Acquired field from the individual transactions plus symbol, dollar amount, and shares?


  • John_in_NC
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    Try this:

    Switch to the Portfolio view. Choose to show (via the popups) Portfolio Value and Group By Security respectively. At the very far right, you will see the share icon. Choose the option to Export Lots to CSV. You can open this in Excel.

    This should give you the info I believe you are looking for with your requested info.

    (I am seeing strange acquisition dates, myself, though. In the transaction, one has acquired date of 1/1/2001 (I know this isn't correct in itself, but that is what was reported from brokerage. But, in the Portfolio view, I see 0001. Darn, I held that a long time.)
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    I was hoping to capture the Date Acquired with the transaction level detail. The Portfolio Value does not include, for example, the share transfer date of 5/26/2020.

    Any suggestions for extraction Date Acquired data in the transaction ledger?
  • John_in_NC
    John_in_NC SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    No, I don't know of a way to get this in the transaction register view as this isn't possible,

    Wouldn't the share transfer date be the same for all transactions (5/26/2020)?
  • DI.Vanilla
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    So if you click the Column button to configure which columns you see in the Transaction ledger view, there is more than one date field. I see "Date", "Entered", and "Posted". If, from the Transaction ledger view, you do a Command + I to show Inspector, there is another date field called "Date Modified" which I'm getting is a system generated date field based on when last a specific transaction was modified via Quicken. And even additional to those dates, if you click a receiving account transfer share transaction then press Commend + E , there is a field called "Date Acquired". All these dates are potentially different.

    In one sample transaction, these are all the dates at play:

    Date: May/26/2020 (date USAA transfered position to Schwab)
    Entered: Jun/24/2020 (date I set up OFX download from Schwab
    Posted: (null) (this may be used only for cash transactions but not 100% certain
    Date Modified: Jun/24/2020 (last time this record was opened and saved I think, if I change the memo field tomorrow, I think this date would become the 25th)
    Date Acquired: Feb/14/2013 (date I bought the position)

    Systematically I'd prefer the ability to see all of these dates in a customized transaction ledger view. They have a very specific and good purpose for debugging errors.
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