Release v27.1.27.24 starts displaying a sold fund in Account Overview due to rounding errors

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Account Overview just started displaying Pimco Income Fund Class A (PONAX) with -.000004 shares! (image attached). I sold all shares PONAX in 2018. As expected, the fund was no longer displayed. Until 2 years later it's being displayed with the rounding error # shares after upgrade to v27.1.27.24.

I created a Report to look all Investment Transactions for PONAX
- On 3/23/2018 my broker converted my PONDX holding to 4,751.733 shares of PONAX
- I see Quicken did the conversion and had a small rounding error. Quicken gave me 4,571.732996 shares (difference of -.000004 shares)

I guess I can add shares to get rid of the annoying line item from Account display... but it shouldn't be there in the first place. And it wasn't there for the last two years! Quicken was handling it correctly by not displaying it. Something in latest upgrade causing its display now

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    Thank you. That fixes the problem.
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