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I want to bulk edit the Categories of multiple transactions such as this one:
Mobile Deposit : Ref Number :614040512761.
The Payees all have different 12 digit numbers after "Ref Number : I think I am following the Help directions, but only one transaction changes at a time. After selecting all associated transactions "File>Get Info" is no longer highlighted. What do I do?

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  • RickO
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    Are you saying that File > Get Info is grayed out? Off hand, I can't think of a situation where that menu item would be grayed out when you have multiple transactions selected in a register. Could you list the exact steps you are taking?
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  • sitzmanmd
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    Here are the steps and their results:

    Starting with a typical transaction: e.g. Payee: MOBILE DEPOSIT :REF NUMBER 211200930607, and Category: Refund). Eligible transactions will all have the same payee except for different 12 digit numbers, and will all have the same Category. At this point File>Get Info is highlighted.

    1. In the sidebar select All Transactions
    2. Click in the Search field
    3. Select the option Category
    4. Type Refund (the category to be replaced)
    5. Select all transactions associated with the category Refund

    File>Get Info is now grayed out, no longer highlighted.

    The Transactions Info window appears.

    6. In the Category field, enter the new Category: Return Credit, and click OK
    7. Delete the Category Refund

    The Transactions Info window closes. Only one transaction has been changed, the starting one.
  • RickO
    RickO SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    I'm confused. You say File > Get Info is grayed out, but then you say the Transaction Info window appears. Since File > Get Info is what invokes the Transaction Info window, this isn't making sense to me.

    In any case, are you sure you aren't accidentally de-selecting the multi-selected transactions (clicking on the first one, perhaps) before invoking the Transaction Info window?

    Also, bear in mind that Transaction Info will not affect any categories that are entered in split transactions. 
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  • sitzmanmd
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    As far as I can tell, the Transaction Info window appears after File>GetInfo becomes grayed out. File>GetInfo is highlighted only when I begin, when I have started to work with the first—the typical—transaction.

    I have not de-selected the multi-selected transactions and there are no split transactions.

    I am puzzled by the instruction in Help that says "4. Select all these transactions." After typing "Refund" in the Search field, every transaction in the register becomes highlighted, including those without the Category "Return Credit," and Get.Info becomes grayed out. I have not actually selected anything. How do I select the appropriate transactions without selecting everything in the register?

    Would you be able to list the steps exactly as you would do them?
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