how do I get a transaction back into the "bills and income" once automatic match screws it up.

We all hate how bad automatic match is, but I have an issue where whenever it automatically matches to something I have in my "bills and income", it pulls it into the register view and considers it paid. If this is in the future and I haven't paid it, It will not be in the list as a reminder and I risk missing a payment. I cannot mark it "unpaid" to get it back into the "bills and income" to clearly indicate that this hasn't been paid.

This is yet another reason, automatic matching should be able to be turned off. IF I miss one more payment because I think it was paid when it hasn't, I will find another software. I use quicken to manage my bills and remind me what to pay... if I can't trust it, why have it?


  • John_M
    John_M Member ✭✭✭✭
    Just right-click on the transaction and select "Reject Automatic Transaction Match." Then it will separate the matched transaction into two separate unmatched transactions.
  • JKCA
    JKCA Member
    I use the reject all the time. Sometimes I just select all the automatic and reject them in bulk. The problem is that AFTER i reject them the do no go back into “bills and income “ as unpaid, it keeps them marked as paid. Fundamentally this is stupid because I use this to remind me of bills and it now falsely considers them paid.
    To be clear, this doesn’t just match items in my transaction view that I enter or mark paid, but is grabbing stuff from the “bills and income” section where they are upcoming but not yet paid.
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