in my budget why is it adding my income and expenses instead of subtracting them (Q Mac)

this is at the very top of the yearly budget page where it says under each month
the difference is the income and expense added together WHY???

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  • John_in_NC
    John_in_NC SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    It shouldn't. 

    One question: are your expense budget categories goals using negative amounts? (They should be positive, but I have seen use cases when they get pre-populated as negative amounts for the goals.)

    If so, those negative amounts end up adding to the Income amount. (Negative less a negative. . . and it gets added to Income.)

    Let me know if you are seeing this.
  • Drhode3921
    Drhode3921 Member
    Thanks so much for answering so quickly
    The columns of income are positive and the expensive is in a negative, just can't figure out how they can add those two, MAKES NO SENSE
  • Drhode3921
    Drhode3921 Member
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