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Reconciliation Issues -- Previously reconciled items come up as un-reconcilied

I have reconciled my accounts monthly for years. Over the past few months, my beginning balance is incorrect, and there are items listed that have been reconciled in previous reconciliations coming back as not reconciled. If I use the correct ending balance, and click through all the old transactions I can reconcile the account. I keep hoping that the next month will be fine -- but this continues to happen. Today I had over 40 transactions come up as unreconciled that I know have been included in previous reconciliations.

What can I do to end this?


  • Quicken DianaQuicken Diana Moderator, Employee mod

    Hello @ woconnell77

    Thank you for reaching out in the Community, though I am sorry that you are having this issue with your reconciled transactions.

    First, I recommend trying a Validate and Repair. Save a backup, then follow these steps: File > File Operations > Validate and Repair > Validate File > Ok

    Once the validation is complete, close the data log that appears, close Quicken and then reopen Quicken.

    If this does not fix the issue, try creating another account.

    First, save a backup. Then deactivate the current account, directions can be found HERE. Next, add the account through TOOLS > ADD ACCOUNT. When the new account is added, most likely transactions will be downloaded spanning the previous 90 days. Delete the transactions that are already in the previous, deactivated account. Move the transactions from the previous, deactivated account into the new account. Directions for moving transactions can be found HERE.

    Keep the previously deactivated account for now, be sure that the newly added account is functioning as it should and not changing reconciled transactions to UNCLEAR.

    Please let me know what steps you took and if it resolved the issue.

    Thank you

    -        Quicken Diana

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