Partial Rent and Back Rent

What's the best way to track partial rent payments if a renter has to break the monthly payment into 2 payments at times? I've found that when I go to document it I generally can input it but it advances the next expected payment rather then being a partial for the same month (so rather than 250/250 both going towards a total of 500 for June the first 250 goes to June and when i go to enter the remaining 250 July comes up). Same goes for if a renter pays me the June rent in July, is there a mechanism to record it as Junes' rent, other than adjusting the notes field to put in a note?


  • Quicken Hugh
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    Hello @mumbles202,
    First, please review and update/edit if necessary, your Rental Property, Tenant information, and Rent Center. You might also send a receipt to the Tenant noting the payment/partial payment received (and the amount remaining due).

  • mumbles202
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    Thanks for the idea. I hadn't tried a receipt to get it recorded properly. My issue is really if I get the rent for August in 2 parts the first part goes toward the Aug payment but when I go to enter the 2nd payment it pulls up the Sept payment flag instead of going towards the balance of August. I could wait until I receive the 2nd payment but rather record the payment the exact date I get it.
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