Selling Treasury Note: How do I handle Accrued Interest vs earned interest

When purchased I entered Capital Amount and Accrued interest amount.
On Sale There is a Capital field and an Accrued Interest field. What do I enter in the accrued interest field:
1. The original amount?
2. The total interest returned?
3. (2-1)?
4. Something else?

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  • bmciance
    bmciance SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    You would put the interest that  you receive on the sale in the accrued interest field (assume that is what you are referring to as "total interest returned").  Quicken will then create 2 entries.  One for the principal sale and one for the interest received.
  • Clive Walden
    Clive Walden Member ✭✭
    bmciance. Thanks for trying. I guess my question was not clear enough.
    When I bought the note, it was not new issue, I paid for both capital and the interest already accrued on the bond (that interest is not part of MY income).
    When the note matures I also get two amounts The capital value of the note and the total interest the treasury pays on the note. Now MY earnings are this amount LESS the amount I paid for interest already accrued at the date of my purchase. Hence my question:
    My earned interest is obviously (2-1) but I don't know how Quicken handles what I enter in the accrued interest field. If I enter the total interest received in the Accrued Interest field, is Quicken smart enough to do the math?
  • Clive Walden
    Clive Walden Member ✭✭
    Thanks a lot. It's the first note I purchased with accrued interest and I wasn't sure how Quicken wanted the data entered.
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