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FAQ: New Citi Cards Process for Direct Connect

Quicken_Natalie Moderator mod
edited July 2020 in FAQ'S (Mac)

Currently, if you add an account using “Citi Cards”, it will default to Quicken Connect. 

You will need to click "Options" while adding the account to get the option for Direct Connect.

If the account is already set up for Quicken Connect you can go to Accounts>Settings, with the account selected, and you will see the option at the top to "Change Connection Type". Select this and follow the same steps above to see the option for Direct Connect.

What’s more for the first Citi Cards Direct Connect account in a given data file you will have to go to the Citi website and follow the following procedure before you actually log in to the account during the add account process in Quicken. 

Log into your Citibank account on their website and select Profile -> More Settings.

Then select Manage Desktop Apps -> Add Access -> Continue

This will give you 10 minutes to log in from the Quicken add account dialogs. 

Note that the web page showing the 10 minute counter will not go away automatically when you log in from Quicken, you will have to close it.  But you should get an email saying that they have set up the access.

Also, note that this adding of access is linked to a given data file. If you have multiple data files you need to do this for each data file.

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