MTCH "reorg"

Perry Smith
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I also have questions at my brokerage trying to piece things together. Yesterday, I had one entry in my Portfolio view with a symbol of MTCH and a name of "MATCH GROUP INC COM". Today I have that entry plus a new entry with a symbol of MTCH (same) and a name of "MATCH GROUP IN NEW COM". I also have the infamous placeholder transaction asking for my cost basis.

I feel comfortable filling out the cost basis but I'm wondering what is going to happen to the old entries. What is also confusing is the quantities changed slightly. That is the question I'm asking my broker. Why they quantity of shares I own changed -- it went up slightly.

My guess is that once I fill out the placeholder transaction, I will then just remove the old entries? How does this affect taxes? I bought MTCH back in 2018. Are these new shares considered "purchased" today?


  • Perry Smith
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    MTCH did a "reorg" yesterday and now I have two stocks with a ticker of MTCH. Today, the price was not fetched through the day when I hit the update button. If I go to Yahoo, its entry is weird showing a value that isn't correct. And if I go to the "Security Overview" page

    it is more or less the same information. Apple's "Stock" program obtains a different price (and changed through the day).

    I think, more or less, MTCH did a split of 1 to 1.0337. I've tried to "Remove" and then "Add" the shares and I've tried to add a split and in all cases, things do not work as they should.
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