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Every time I do an "Update All Online Accounts" (command+shift+u) Quicken pops up a dialog that reads "Account Credentials for Quicken Bill Pay - New" and then gives my customer ID and asks for my password. I enter it every time and have checked "Add Password to Keychain" and it still doesn't remember it but always moves on. 

I downgraded from Quicken Primer to Delux (for the Dropbox rewards) so why does it even ask for Quicken Bill Pay since Delux doesn't support that.


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    Hello @mybank2002

    Thank you for reaching out on the community and telling us about your issue. I Just want to clear up that you are still able to use quicken bill pay on deluxe but it's a monthly fee rather than being included with quicken. 

    Generally when I see passwords that keep getting asked for it has to do with the keychain not letting us edit the password. Are you still using quicken bill pay? If not I would recommend trying to actually remove it by following the article here to remove it from your account. 

    If you still are using quicken bill pay what I would recommend doing is try deleting the password from the keychain so that you're able to add it back in. If you're unsure when to find it the article here should help you with identifying where to look for it.

    Please let us know if this helps resolve the issue for you.


    Quicken Francisco

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    Thank you for your reply. I am not paying for the monthly bill pay subscription. I read through both articles and actual found and went through the first one already. I reread it carefully and fail to see how it shows me how to remove the bill pay service. Is there a bill pay service I am suppose to click on in the left hand column with all the accounts. That seems to show how to deactivate accounts rather than Bill pay service.

    As for the article on the key chain I have four accounts that show up all for my online accounts but nothing that shows Quicken ID and that relates to Bill Pay. I am at a loss still. Though for some reason when I opened Saturday and today it didn't pop up, so not sure if it fixed itself after many many times of it popping up. Still seems like it should be in the Key Chain if it fixed itself. 
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