Quicken 2007 for Mac import QIF, error message exceeding 600 categories

While importing a QIF file into Quicken 2007 for Mac, I received a message that said "Import stopped because it would result in exceeding the number (600) of allowed categories...import stopped at 10 transactions...". Today I downloaded several months of bank transactions to an xls file, saved in csv format, and converted to qif file using an online converter. The only columns in the original file were: Date, Payee, Debit, and Credit (there were no categories). I then made a new Quicken bank account so I could test where the imported transactions would go. After I received the error message, the new bank account did import the first 10 transactions correctly. I'm trying to figure out a way around Quicken seeing more than 600 categories, when I did not include Category in this qif file.


  • ccdowney
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    In case my above discussion was unclear, I am getting an error message while trying to import a QIF file into Quicken 2007: "Import stopped because it would result in exceeding the number (600) of allowed categories...". I believe that I am getting an error message because my original data file has more than 600 subcategories. Is there an easy way to collapse subcategories into Categories (such that an expense would still read as an expense from the Category but not the subcategory) ? I thought that I would make a copy of my file, collapse the subcategories (if that is possible) and then see if I could import the QIF file into that file to see if the import would work. Thanks for your help, I am not that technically-inclined/Quicken savvy, hence all of the subcategories in the first place.
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