Cannot update to latest version R27.28. Errors that a file is being used by another process.

How do I find which process is using the required file?


  • UKR
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    I can only guess ... the most likely culprit is a cloud backup program like MS OneDrive, Dropbox, etc. which is trying to create a backup of a file just created by the software update process. Try to either pause the backup process or configure it to not process files and folders used during software installation and the %TEMP% folders.
    Also make sure that Windows is not trying to install updates while you are trying to install a Quicken Update at the same time.
    A reboot might help get past this problem
  • GeoffG
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    This message would indicate that your file is located on a cloud service folder like Dropbox or Onedrive. The data file should be located in your Documents folder.
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