Morningstar Funds Ratings absent under Investing then Allocations Tab

Quicken recognizes my Mutual Funds in all other screens but in Investing>Allocations>Mutual Funds Ratings by Morningstar, Quicken states that there are no Mutual Funds in the Selected Accounts (All Accounts were selected). Mutual Funds all have symbols ending in X and download prices successfully. Quicken also tell me that lower expense mutual funds are available.

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    Thank you for you answer. I had customized Security Types to Approximate Morningstar Categories long before Morningstar was linked to Quicken. Using Mutual Fund symbols (ending in X) would be a wonderful way to Access Morningstar Data and and work around present shortcoming based on using Security Types.
  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    The interesting thing is that ETFs also display M* ratings if they are falsely classified as MFs. So the trailing X is not the best filter. Quicken should understand ETFs after all this time.
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