Action Entry disappears from register (Q Mac)

kacke2 Member
Hello, When posting a new transaction and entering the Action (check, deposit, Bill Pay, transfer, etc.) the entry disappears. This started happening after the last update. The rest of the transaction info remains but the Action column becomes blank. I have to reenter the action then save again. Any idea what's happening?

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  • John_in_NC
    John_in_NC SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    I cannot reproduce this behavior.

    Do you see it not saved immediately after entering the transactions, or later after a transaction update?
  • kacke2
    kacke2 Member
    It can disappear at any time but It usually occurs after I enter the Action and move to the next field. Before saving the transaction I have to return to the Action column and reenter the word - check, deposit, etc. Once I save the transactions it sometimes stays but sometimes disappears again. After I edit the transaction and enter it the third time it remains. Very odd and confusing. I’ve used Quicken for Mac for years and never had this happen. Any ideas?
  • kacke2
    kacke2 Member
    Thank you, I will do that.
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