Displaying reports in Euros with "euroOLD" transactions

I have multiple accounts in Euros and in USD which were created before Quicken created a new Euro currency. I would like to generate reports from the EUR accounts in euros but Quicken converts the Euros to dollars with one exchange rate and then when I choose Euros as the currency for the report it converts the report back to Euros using a slightly different exchange rate so the final Euro amount differs from the original transaction. This happens even if I choose just one account that is in Euros. Browsing the forums, the only solution I found is to change my "home" currency to Euros but I don't want to do this.


  • update: I was able to convert the report back to euroOLD to get the original amount. So I guess the question is, do I need to use the new "euro" currency or can I continue to use the euroOLD currency indefinitely?
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    I've had the same situation with an old Euro currency record in my Currency List, dating back to around the introduction of the Euro (using Currency Code XEU) and a corrected Euro currency record (using Currency Code EUR).
    When I detected that XEU wasn't downloading exchange rates and I couldn't update the Currency Code, I created the new Euro currency record and transferred the XEU balance into new EUR account registers at a rate of 1:1, closed the old accounts and started using only the new accounts.
    And one of these days, when I get a round tuit, I'll have to do some cleanup and get rid of these old, long closed accounts.
    Reports showing EUR transactions work fine for me, as long as I remember to not mix and match accounts with different currencies in one report.
    To answer your question: Use new account registers using EUR for new transactions only. Stop using the old Euro registers and, over time, phase them out. When creating reports select accounts of one currency only, either old or new Euro or US$. If you combine accounts of different currencies, Home currency or the currency selected in the report's customization dialog determines how to display and convert amounts.
    If the old Euro exchange rate is off because it doesn't download, edit the entry in the Currency list and set it to the same exchange rate as last downloaded for the new Euro currency record.
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