"Send Now" vs. "Send Later"

Some of our online billers have a button that says "Pay" and others have one that says "Quick Pay" (I don't know why??). When I click "Pay" it pops a dialog that has fields including a date field and two action buttons: "Send Now" and "Send Later". This is an unfortunate choice of labels since we don't know what they mean, with respect to the date in the Date field. Does "Send Later" really mean something like "Send on Date Specified"? Or does "Send Now" mean "Send the instruction to the bank now to issue the payment on the date specified"?

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    Also, both Quick & Check Pay can now be scheduled in advance so selecting either of them will now take you to a window that also has a payment date box.  I don't believe either of those windows have the Send Now or Later option though.

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