NFCU Not Downloading Transactions - MFA_ACTION_REQUIRED

Hello, I'm a long time Quicken Windows user tired of using Parallels on my MAC solely for Quicken. I've installed Quicken MAC, all was well until I tried to update my accounts and my NFCU accounts are erroring out with the following message:
"Download Error (-30) (in red)

When I initially installed the NFCU accounts, I successfully entered the MFA data sent to my phone, which Quicken and NFCU accepted, followed by successful downloading of transactions across all of my accounts. Now when I go to update the accounts, I get the error message for each of the accounts.

I've already been through the process of deactivating downloads, and also removing quicken entires from my Keychain.

Any help appreciated.


  • usnavy1610
    usnavy1610 Member ✭✭
    I should add that Quicken never prompts me for the MFA credentials, less the first time.
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