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With the new Bill Manager how can I determine if Quicken can pay a new payee electronically or if I have to issue them a check?

If a check will be issued and I select a pay date is this the date the check will be issued or will Quicken print and mail the check earlier so it will arrive by the pay date?


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    Quick Pay will only work with Online Bills.  If you don't set up the biller for electronic bill retrieval in Quicken you cannot use Quick Pay.  With Check Pay, when you process the payment you can schedule the payment initiation date.  Quicken does provide a date range for when the payment might be received but that is not the date you enter.  Also consider that if you schedule payment for a weekend, the check will probably not be printed and mailed before the next business day.  Once Quicken gives the check to USPS there is no guarantee about when it will arrive at the biller.

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