Unable to Open Backup Files

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    This May, I updated my Quicken 2017 software to the membership version, and since that time, I have spent many days and nights documenting the corruptions to my files. I started noticing the problem in my reports, which no longer can reliably pull from the entries into an accurate summary. The various techs I worked with offered no solutions, except urging me to manually fix 15 years of files the new software had just damaged. Right now, I am going back into the 2017 software on older computers and looking for backups. And alas, Quicken is blocking me from accessing my files! The only data I can read are those on my external drives. Sales will tell you that you own your data, but Quicken has more that one way of blocking access automatic backup files. If you need bookkeeping, Quicken has a long history with service that was knowledgeable in the past. But now there is something clearly missing. Product quality is not a Quicken company goal. At the end of April, Quicken informed me that I would no longer be able to connect and download data to my financial institutions. Since I downloaded the membership Quicken software, I have never been able to connect to my various financial institutions. In desperation, I have called the tech departments of each of my financial institutions, and none of the techs could make the connections work. All this after three Quicken tech sessions of 2-4 hours duration. At every turn Quicken fights with me to access my older files on the 2017 software. Buyer Beware.
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