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My Wells Fargo accounts were updating very well until I converted to the subscription version of Quicken. 2 are set for Quicken Connect. The savings account (set for Quicken Connect) seems to still download. The checking (set for Quicken Connect) is no longer downloading. The credit card account says it is not set up for download (even though it worked for years before conversion). I have tried multiple times to follow the directions to set up the CC account as a new download, but It is still saying it has not been set up.

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  • kmj11co
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    It appears to have done the trick! A related question though. I have 1 credit card account and 1 savings account that very rarely have activity. Even before I converted to subscription, one of those accounts always said that 1 transaction was downloaded. The other account is a WF account I just deactivated and reactivated. If Quicken always says 1 transaction has been download when there has been no activity on the account, this is frustrating since I find myself checking the account anyway trying to find that one transaction. Any thoughts on this?

    Thank you so much for your help. I feel more hopeful. I am impressed that you really can get answers from someone.
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    Glad to here we got the original issue taken care of!

    That is odd that it will always say there's 1 transaction downloaded. There's not too much to try unfortunately since with mac transactions are automatically accepted. I would say try deactivating and reactivating but we've already gone through that process as well. There's not really much to do besides that unfortunately since it's likely a file issue due to how long it's been happening. I'll try taking a look to see if there's anything else I can find but at the time there's not anything else to try. 

    If anything else does pop up please let us know!

    Quicken Francisco

  • kmj11co
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    I did a download on all accounts this morning (3 Wells, 1 BOA). All said there was 1 more downloaded than actually happened. I will live with it for now, but do let me know if you find anything. And again thanks for what you are doing to provide support.
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