How do I print reconciliation reports

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My reconciliation has been off $ 25.00 for 3 months. I need to go back to the beginning and reconcile the account again. In the past, when this happened, I had to go back and uncheck the cleared or uncleared items (each and every transaction).


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    H @Idousay,

    To print reconciliation reports do this:
    1) Open the account you want to print  reconciliation report for;
    2) On the Menu at the top. select "Reports" > "Banking" > "Reconciliation"
    3) Insert a report title (if wanted) > select the end date of your last reconciliation in the "Show to bank balance as of" field > Select either "All transactions" or "Summary and uncleared" > click "OK"

    That should do it.  Let me know if you have any followup questions.


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    To re-reconcile a group of transactions in a banking register in Quicken for Windows:
    Select the block of transactions you wish to un-reconcile like you would select a group of files in Windows File Explorer:
    • Click the first transaction you wish to re-reconcile.
    • Scroll down to the last transaction you wish to re-reconcile.
    • Shift-Click this last transaction.
    • Right-click one of the transactions within the now highlighted block.
    • In the popup menu select "Reconcile status" and click "not reconciled" in the mini popup.
    Now you can start to reconcile again, one monthly statement at a time, in chronological order.

    Printed reconciliation reports are, IMHO, worthless unless you print them (to paper or PDF file) immediately after completing a Reconcile and before making any additional changes to the register.
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