Quick Pay & Check Pay linked account not working any more

I have been using Quick Pay & Check pay linked to my USAA checking account for several months on Windows subscription version of Quicken but as of the most recent update (Version R27.28 build, the program has unlinked the Quick Pay and when I try to re-link it, it says there is a "Payment account conflict. Disable the payment account and re-enable to try again." When I try to do that, it won't let me as there is a payment pending on the account. When I check to see what is pending, it is a Quick Pay for a bill that should have been paid a week ago so I can't even cancel it. Something about the newest update screwed up the link between my payment account and the Quick Pay & Check Pay systems.

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  • IHwang
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    Thanks for the reply. I ended up calling Quicken tech support but they could not fix the problem so I had to create a brand new Quicken file. Pain but only way they could get it to work.
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