Share transfers - lost my ROI% info. Can I get it back?

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I recently reorganized several accounts at my broker in order to better evaluate how the various components of my portfolio are performing. To do it, I had my broker move about 20 positions between existing accounts so each is more focused (growth, value, FI). I used the "shares transferred between accounts" function to move the those positions in Quicken so I would retain all of the transaction history (most of these positions go back a long way). Some of the transfers took quite a long time to complete, but it all worked ...  so I thought. All the transactions were moved, but I recently noticed that for any positions that were transferred, the ROI% in Quicken (which is roughly the same as cumulative investment return) is gone, and it's been replaced with the same number as the gain/loss %. Kinda sucks. Is there any way to get back the ROI% data? 

Thanks for any help you can offer.

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    Ugh. Was pretty sure that was the answer I was gonna get. Its too much work to revert and try to reconstruct. I also don't think I can get the transaction data from the broker (ML) in a form that can be imported into Quicken (I'm not a coding whiz).

    I used ROI as a surrogate for personal rate of return. Its far from perfect, but its the best I'm aware of, although if there's something better I don't know about I'm all ears. 

    Thanks for the reply.
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