Splits have to be selected to be included in report each time

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  • RandyB
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    I have a report called Medical YTD, its categories include medical costs and insurance costs. Some transactions have splits i.e. Medicare premiums are contained within a Social Security income transaction. My problem is the report works fine except for the splits which I have to manually select every time I run the report. Why won't show splits be saved in the report?
    Similarly, prescription costs sometimes have non-prescription items, which show up as additional medical costs unless I manually selected show splits.
  • Bob_L
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    What report did you use to create that one?  I find that if I run a Banking, Transactions report the Show splits is saved.  If you are not seeing that I suggest you try re-creating that report.  Also, what version are you running?

    Quicken Business & Personal Subscription, Windows 11 Home

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