Entering payment on invoice duplicates in planning/budget

I downloaded a payment for an invoice into my checking account register, with the related category and tag. I also entered a payment on the invoice. Asked if this was for that deposit, I said yes. In the planning/budget section, this showed up as two separate deposits. When I removed the category and tag from the checking account register, only one deposit showed. That workaround is not ideal. How can I get the deposit into the checking account register and the payment on the invoice to match rather than duplicate?


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    Hi @CAj218,
    You have not provided much detail in terms of which account names, budget categories etc. but is it a case of having both accounts setup in your budget which is duplicating payments. If you always pay bills from your checking accounts it would be better deselecting the Business Bills account, in 'Budget Actions' button, then 'Select Accounts' and deselect business bills or whatever you have called your bills account?
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    Thanks for getting back to me. I'm glad to add the detail.
    1. I send an itemized invoice with the appropriate categories chosen.
    2. I receive payment and enter the payment in my check register, with the same appropriate categories chosen.
    3. I "enter payment" in the invoice and save.
    4. When prompted, "Is this payment (the item in #2)?" I select yes and save.
    5. When I go to the planning/budget section and check the relevant categories, sometimes there is double the amount I received, and sometimes it is accurate. This is what puzzles me. Ideas?
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    Your item (2) is incorrect.
    Recognizing a payment to an invoice is recorded as a transfer between your Customer Invoices register and your checking account. It is not categorized to the detailed Schedule C line item categories used in your invoice.
    To correctly record a payment for an invoice use the New Customer Payment dialog in the Customer Invoices register.  Try to avoid recording a payment from within the checking account register as a transfer to Customer Invoices. It won't correctly mark your invoice as paid.
    If the customer payment arrives as a downloaded transaction in the checking account, for best results:
    • Do not automatically accept downloaded transactions in the checking account
    • After download, when you recognize a downloaded transaction is arriving, go to the Customer Invoices account and record it with the New Customer Payment transaction.
    • Switch back to the checking account. The downloaded transaction should now show as Match instead of New. Accept it.
    • Continue with the next downloaded transaction, review and accept it, making changes as needed.
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    I'll give this a try the next time I get a payment. Thanks.
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