changing how a transfer displays in the register

All transfers simply show as transfer, without showing the account to which it is transferred, in the Mac version register. Is there a way to have the account show as well in the column?


  • RickO
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    It sounds like you have the Transfer column showing in the register, yes?

    If so, and if the transaction is actually a transfer between accounts, then the destination account should be showing in the Transfer column. If you have the corresponding transaction in the 2nd account and it also does not show anything in the Transfer column, you may have just created two separate transactions that are not actually linked.

    Let's start with how to create a linked transfer transaction from scratch:

    1. In Account A, make sure the Transfer column shows in the register (menu View > Columns)
    2. Enter the transaction with "Transfer" as the category and put "Account B" in the Transfer column, where "Account B" is the other account.
    3. You can also just put "Transfer:[Account B]" in the category to create the transfer.
    4. Now when you go to Account B, you will see the linked transfer transaction.

    Now, how to fix existing unlinked transfers:

    1. In Account A, edit the transaction and put Account B in the Transfer column as described above.
    2. Save the edit.
    3. Go to Account B. When you do this, you may be offered merge the newly created linked transaction with the existing non-linked transaction. If so, accept this.
    4. If not, you will have two copies of the transaction: the linked one and the non-linked one. Just delete the non-linked one.

    Hope that helps.
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  • catrahal
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    Here is more detail. I imported a file from the windows version - I am new to the Mac version though I have been using Quicken for PC since version 1. Of the transactions I imported, they kept the links and they show properly. The ones that are presenting a problem are those I downloaded today. Because the export-import from windows to Mac did not keep the downloaded but not entered transactions, I had to go back to the beginning of February. Everything that was downloaded in this round was automatically categorized by Quicken, which means I have to go through each transaction and recategorize it - a nightmare, particularly since I have numerous accounts. In those downloaded transactions, even when I go into one to edit, it shows Transfer: [acct#####], but only the word Transfer shows up in the column on the main register page.

    That is what I want to change - the word Transfer tells me essentially nothing - I want to see at a glance where that money went.

  • catrahal
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    update - all of a sudden they started displaying properly....not quite sure why or what I did to change things - not conscious of having done anything. Thanks for your help.
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