Red Flags on accounts with no actions found

VERY DISAPPOINTNG: I know this is an old and known issue but it's very frustrating to continue seeing flags on my accounts. After spending hours doing my own due diligence attempting to solve this problem, I called into the Help Desk about a year ago! I worked with a Service Tech for over an hour and we navigated tried every suggestion stated on this site.
Unfortunately the call was dropped before we resolved the issue and didn't receive a call back. It was obvious the Service Tech was very perplexed by this issue too! Where do I go from here????


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    This is documented here: I had it for a while, standard troubleshooting didnt fix it (validate, copy, reset DTSTART). I created a new account, moved the transactions to the new account, deleted the old one, then set it the new accounts for download. Transactions came through and never saw that problem again. The credit union was busy changing their website at the time, don't know if it was related.

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