Can't limit transaction report to selected payees – brokerage accounts

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I am using Quicken for Mac 5.17.2.

I have Miscellaneous Expense transactions for particular securities in my brokerage accounts that I'm trying to select in a transaction by account report. The only way I can find to select particular securities in a transaction report is to filter by payees.

The report works if I choose All Payees – the correct transactions are filtered by category and reported. But, if I select any particular payees, and change no other filter criteria, the report says "There were no transactions for the filter settings".

I have the same problem with the Transaction by Category Report – the filter by payees doesn't show any transactions.

There is a similar problem with the Transaction by Payee Report for brokerage accounts – it shows NO transactions except transfers ! It shows no transactions at all if transfers are excluded !

That makes no sense. There clearly are transactions which are visible in the Transactions by Account Report when all payees are selected so, why are there no transactions shown when particular payees are selected ? And why does the Transaction by Payee Report ignore nearly all transactions in brokerage accounts ?

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    Yes, I tried turning on/off the "No payees" payee filter and that showed all/no transactions respectively.

    I've realised that Quicken merges payee and security data in the one column in brokerage accounts and shows securities in the "Edit Payees" dialog but only filters payees in the reports. There seems to be no way to filter securities – except for transfers.

    I don't understand any of this. Why combine Payee and Security data if they can't both be filtered ? It makes it impossible to prepare a report which shows all transactions for a single security (i.e. buy, income, return of capital, sell).
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