Suggestions for budgeting a loan in Quicken Mac as it does not allow budgeting of transfers

There is an existing accepted suggestion to provide the ability to use a transfer account as a category in budgeting, as can be done with the Windows version.

This would be useful because the loan is automatically amortized with a transaction that categorizes interest and lower's principal. My budget would contain the interest and a transfer to lower the principal each month, totaling the loan payment.

Since the transfer cannot be budgeted, I am wondering what workarounds people might be doing, some folks said this will stop them from converting to this version

I have the interest and principal using categories that are not budgeted, which allows for loan tracking. I have a separate split transaction automatically generated monthly to use a category for the entire loan and also use a "dummy category" that is not budgeted with a negative amount of the payment to bring the transaction dollar amount to zero, since the transaction was already generated.

Seems to work for me so far but is complicated, will be pleased to see the transfer supported at some time, the changes recently introduced were a very big help.

Anybody have other suggestions or work arounds regarding this?
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