Would someone please explain "Cash Amounts" and "Cash Balances" in Investments?

Maybe I've set up my investments accounts incorrectly in the first place, but in 2019, I transferred $$ from a Vanguard money market account into a Vanguard Roth IRA. Turns out, the Roth investment was made in error. The original investment, plus dividends was returned to my Checking account in June 2020. I've tried to Transfer the funds in Quicken from the Roth IRA to Checking, but although the "Cash Amounts" and "Cash Balances" are reported as Zero in Quicken, it also indicates the Market Value of the Roth as the original investment plus dividends. Working on this for two hours without success. I've tried Sales, and Transfers.
Also had issues with rounding of shares. Working on this for two hours without success.


  • Mark1104
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    1) sell the investments in the ROTH which should create a cash balance in the Roth.
    2) Then transfer the cash from the Roth to the Checking Account.

    is the issue that the value of the original Roth investment no longer matches the value of the Roth investment when you sold the shares?
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