Holdings column sizes not sized to fit data

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Seems like it has been like this for decades...
Click Holdings button for an investment account. There is lots of space allocated for Name (which never changes) and not enough space for the Quote/Price. It shows an ellipsis. Every time I open the window I have to drag the size of the quote column over. Even if I close it and immediately open it again.

How about either: Auto size columns to fit data or remember size set by user (across sessions or AT LEAST during same session).
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  • ftcnative
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    Name "space" is ALWAYS TOO BIG. If this auto-sized to only fit what's there, there wouldn't even need the scroll bar at the bottom! Fix this as this is very annoying.
  • bomba44
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    Make "Name" column width auto size or ability to save setting.
  • TB8246
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    or... the ability to double click column line to auto size the column. That's a feature in Microsoft Excel. Sweeeet!!