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I have used Quicken Business since 2005. I have never been able to figure out a way to reconcile uncleared transactions (debits or deposits) that never cleared the bank. I"ve got an accumulation of these over the years.
Does anyone know how to reconcile these in a way that won't affect the manually reconciling I already do to keep my bank statements reconciled within the program? I have heard people talk about an accounting term called a double entry but in this basic quicken for business I have never seen any way to do that with out creating a transaction that is not going to be on the the bank statement that will allow me to reconcile to the bank statement.
If I just delete the transactions that would cause the previous year reconciliation records to be off because these transactions were already expended.
For right now my accountant just has me submit an spread sheet list of the uncleared items and recaptures them on the next year tax filing as an income or expense.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.



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    It seems your accountant has written these entries off to some P/L account.  I think you should just make an adjustment to your register to account for that and eliminate these entries from your uncleared transaction total, otherwise you will be carrying these forever.

    I can understand uncleared checks making up your debit portion, but what would be the scenario for uncleared deposits?
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