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When there are multiple transactions on a day is there a way to make sure the deposits are listed before the payments? It is confusing sometimes because I see a negative balance but it is because a deposit is listed after payments on a day.

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  • Frankx
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    Hi @markruthmckee,

    There is a potential way for you accomplish what you want to do, although it will require you to make sure that you record and/or accept transactions perhaps differently than you typically do.

    1. Open the register (for whatever account you want to change) and click on the "Gear" icon in the upper right;
    2. Select "Sorting options";
    3. At the bottom of the new menu - select "By Date / Order Enterred"

    If you make the above change AND also make sure that you enter and/or accept all deposits first for each date - whenever you make entries or download new transactions - then you'll avoid negative balances.

    Hope this helps.


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  • mshiggins
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    @markruthmckee do you have the preference to Show Reminders in Register on? If so, try changing the date range to a different setting. 

    There are some date range combinations for Show Reminders in Register cause the default sort by Date to sort deposits after payments. Changing the date range and/or turning off Show Reminders in Register will return the sort by Date to the proper sort order. 

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  • I want reminders in the register. Seems to me that the product should automatically put deposits in front of expenses on the same day when sorting by date.
  • Thanks Frankx. But I can't control that. I may record an expense in advance like utility bills that are paid automatically. So I record them when I get the bill. As I said to mshiggins it seems to be the product should put deposits before expenses when sorting by date. To me that only makes sense. Does Quicken monitor these comments or is there a way I can reccommend a change to the product?
  • Thanks Frankx. I put it as an idea.
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