Setting up transaction download for existing 403b - two accounts in Quicken instead of one?

Hello! As of last week, I'm new to using the most recent version for Quicken for Mac after using Quicken for Mac 2007 for more than a decade. I thought I wouldn't like using the transaction download function, but I'm really a fan! Earlier today, I started to set up my TIAA-CREF 403b account from work with transaction downloads, and now I have a 'best practices' issue. Maybe one of you has an idea of what I should do. I've only had this 403b for about 6 years. And when I set up it up in QM2007, I manually entered the buys for both the employee and the employer contributions into one account, named 'TIAA-CREF'. But now, if I want transactions to download, the TIAA-CREF connection wants me to have TWO accounts - one for the employee contribution contract, and one for the employer contribution contract. I can't link both of them to one account on my end in Quicken, as I had been doing manually. Is it better to keep one account in Quicken and key everything in manually? Or should I go ahead with two accounts in Quicken so I can use transaction downloads? (This would require some cleanup on my part) Or is there another option I haven't considered? Thanks for any help/guidance you can provide.

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    @Mark Steinman, yes, there are two contracts at the TIAA website in one "Retirement" heading. So it sounds like I will need to do some cleanup and allow Quicken to set up the two accounts. I will cleanup the existing single account in Quicken after the first transaction download = the perfect task while I drink my Sunday morning coffee. Thank you for your help!
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