How can I show Ticker Symbols in my investment register?

I have investment funds which have nearly identical names (thanks Vanguard!). And they often get confused during downloads from my broker. I MUST be able to use & see the Ticker Symbols in the register.

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  • Ps56k2
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    I would suggest that you edit & modify the name of the security in the - Security List - so you can tell them all apart wherever they may be listed....

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  • TedHtttt
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    Won't this screw up Quicken's ability to download from a broker using the proper security naming? Quicken doesn't appear to download based on the ticker.
  • TedHtttt
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    Thanks! If the Ticker is the real match, as it should be, then I'll get busy changing the names.
  • q_lurker
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    Actually, the ticker is NOT the real match; CUSIP is.

    The gist of the process as I understand it -- 

    When you download transactions from a Financial Institution (FI), that information contains a section on the securities held that identifies each security by name, ticker, and CUSIP (or some similar identifier).  Elsewhere in that download there may be information about transactions and holdings that associate to one or more of those three pieces of data.  

    One of Quicken's first tasks is to process that section of securities and compare the brokerage reported security to your list.  It is actually CUSIP identifiers used for that comparison. 

    If the brokerage reports a CUSIP that your Quicken file has not seen before (doesn't exist in your file), Quicken will normally offer you two options:
    1. The option to relate an existing Quicken security to the brokerage's security with a suggested match based on ticker and/or name.  
    2. The option to create a new Quicken security using the existing brokerage name and ticker or allowing you to name it differently.     
    (There may be specific circumstances where option 1 is automatically applied, such as names and tickers matching exactly).

    When the user establishes the match, Quicken copies the CUSIP identifier into its information for that security.  

    There is no requirement that either the name or the ticker as used by the brokerage match those as used in Quicken.

    For the Download Quotes and Download Historical Quotes to operate correctly, the Ticker must match the corresponding real world security.     
  • Ps56k2
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    edited August 2020
    I went with the simple explanation for the Q&A -
    but thanks for adding the CUSIP to the discussion ... which then addresses anything in the investment world that has a CUSIP, but does not have a ticker symbol -

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