What would be the reason for "Payment account error: Try editing the payment account?"

I started getting this error this morning. I have two validated payment accounts I have used several times since converting from BillPay. I began getting this error today (08/08/2020). I have removed the biller. Re-added it. Run Super Validate. Checked the sign-in of each payment account. The payment accounts are enabled. The billers validate and update. When I click on any of the billers to pay, I get the above "Payment account error." Any ideas or is this a known problem?

This conversion from BillPay to BillManager has been a buggy mess. I don't mind changes to the program. But, Quicken is designed for those of us who want to streamline this process. It seems since the conversion, I spend more time making sure all the vendors are actually communicating with the BillManager. Almost more trouble than it's worth.

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