Why is Quicken telling me I have transactions to send?

Nothing to send, don't use QBP or QBM. Direct access to Compass bank.

 First, Quicken had a conniption about a bill I sent in 3 weeks ago, then all my transactions disappeared after I told it to update again.

 Closed, re-opened, no transactions from my bank, despite Quicken telling me there were. Different on other account in same bank. Update again, still no transactions, but saying there were.

 Cleared transactions in 2nd account, and bingo, transactions for first account show up. Everything I created payment for was sent and received by my bank (I checked the website). Still says I have transactions to send.

 NOPE, nothing to send Been reading some stuff about folks having difficulty with Chase accounts. Payment to Chase went through just fine, but not yet received by Chase. I make direct payments to Chase from my bank, not QBP or QBM.

 If I have to use a website to pay my bills and hand out my account information to Quicken and anyone else they want to give it to, that very much defeats the whole reasoning behind paying for Quicken.

 All my payments are posted, and I've tried the internal reset tactic for the one account. So, looks like I'm going to have to go through the process of turning off direct bill pay to all my accounts at that bank, turn off online updating, then add it all back in again.


This is quite annoying. Between Quicken "improving" the customer experience, and banks "improving" customer experience, and both always pointing their finger at the other, we spend more time fixing their screw-ups than we do using the product.



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