Is there a way to set a bill/income reminder for a day of the week and week of the month?

Social Security checks are automatically deposited on a particular day and week of the month, such as first Tues., or 3rd Thurs. I can't do this as it now stands, so I keep getting reminders for weeks before.


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    Thanks, Mike. I guess I never went far enough into to dropdowns. A question for you. I have had a checking account for over 10 years and use Quicken to keep track of my cash flow with a Itemized Category report. However, I don't need to see over 10 years of data every time I view. Can I begin a new report on 1/1/2019 which will carry forward the Category totals from 12/31/18, so that I know the total amount in each line item?
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    As I understand your question - for any category, you would like to see the subtotal for pre 2019 followed by the detail for 2019 forward - and a combined total for the life of your file.

    no, I do not see a way to accomplish this in a single report.. Reports can be subtotaled by year, month, etc., or show each detailed transaction - one or the other, but not a combo.
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