Quicken will only update one investment company's transactions per log in

2nd attempt to update a different investment company's transactions fails and states update already done--it is not. If you close out and log in new then you can update the 2nd investment company transactions and so forth if you have a 3rd investment company.


  • Hello @ DB1

    Thank you for reaching out in the Community today, though I’m sorry that you are experiencing this issue with your investment updates. For this particular issue it would be best to contact our SUPPORT CENTER so that our team can take a closer look at the specifics on your data file and assist you to perform the appropriate troubleshooting steps.

    Thank you

    - Quicken Diana

  • DB1
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    I did contact the support center and had a long diagnostic call with troubleshooting and changes. It worked once while on phone and then returned to same problem
  • Hello @DB1,

    Thank you for following up with this additional information, although I'm sorry to hear that the problem persists. 

    At this time, I suggest contacting Support once more to let them know that the problem re-presented itself, so that further troubleshooting can be pursued.


    Support has access to tools and information that the Community does not have, and can best work with you towards identifying a solution.

    Thank you,

    Quicken Natalie

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